Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to have my trailer titled in Maine if I have my trailer registered there?

A: If your trailer’s model year is 26 years or older, and the unloaded weight is 3,000 lbs or less, it is title exempt in Maine. If your trailer’s model year is 25 years or newer and the unloaded weight is 3,001 lbs or more, you may apply for a Maine title.

  • If you are registering your trailer and it is already titled in your name in another state, it does not need to be re-titled. We will need a copy of the front and back of the title in order to register it.
  • If you want to register your trailer (and the unloaded weight is 3,001 lbs or more), and it is not titled in your name in another state, Maine requires that you get a Maine title.
  • Although not required, you may apply for a title if your trailer’s model year is 26 years or older with an unladen weight of over 3,000 lbs. The application for title must be accompanied by an existing title from Maine or another state with a complete chain of ownership and the trailer must be a semitrailer used for interstate and intrastate transportation (29-A M.R.S.A. §651-B). Any application submitted without the supporting title documents will be withdrawn and returned to the applicant.

Q: Can I register a homemade trailer in Maine?

A: Yes, as long as it has an assigned VIN# and a Maine MVT-10 (INSPECTION OF (VIN) VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER BY AN AUTHORIZED PERSON) form is completed. We will also need our Homemade Trailer statement document completed to gather other necessary information on the trailer.  If it has already been registered before, please provide a copy of the previous registration.  If the trailer has been titled before, regardless of whose name is on it, no MVT-10 form is needed if you provide a copy of the title, front and back.  Please review titling requirements question/answer above.

Click Here for a copy of the MVT-10 formPLEASE NOTE:  Signature By Full time law enforcement officer is the only authorization accepted for homemade trailer inspections. All other authorizations will not be accepted.

Click Here for a copy of the Homemade Trailer Statement Example

Q: What paperwork is needed to register a trailer?

A: We will need a completed POA & Release Form, Bill of Sale, Title (if applicable) or MCO (Manufacturers Certificate of Origin), Copy of Driver’s License, or FED Tax ID number if registering as a company. Please refer to our Fact Sheet for a more detailed breakdown.

Click Here for Fact Sheet (pdf)

Q: Why do I need to complete the Power of Attorney & Release Form? 

A: The Power of Attorney form authorizes our company to act as your agent and grants permission to execute the registration work on your behalf.  The Release Form affirms that you are aware of your state’s laws regarding registering out of your own state.

Click Here for Limited Power of Attorney and Release Form

Q: How do I register a trailer?

A: Send in the required paperwork with a certified check, business check, or money order made payable to MMTA Services; Credit cards are also accepted (convenience fees apply, please call for details).

Q: How many years can I register for? 

A: The Annual Program is for 1 or 2 years while the Long Term Program starts at 5 years with a maximum of 12 years.

Q: Will sales / use tax be charged?

A: No sales / use tax will be charged if:

  1. You have previously paid sales tax in your state at the time of purchase; or
  2. You have previously registered the trailer; or
  3. You are a Maine-based commercial entity using your trailer for business purposes and you travel in interstate commerce more than 80% of the time for the first two consecutive years the trailer was in service;

IF APPLICABLE:  Sales / Use Tax will be charged at 5.5% on the purchase price of the trailer if this was an individual to individual sale and the trailer has not been registered before.

Q: Does a trailer need to be inspected to get a registration in Maine?

A: Maine does not require the trailer to be inspected in order to be registered.

Q: Are there any minimum or maximum number of trailers needed to use your service?

A: No, we will work with anyone with trailer registration needs whether it be individuals, owner/operators, or larger companies.  Our registration specialists are ready to help you with one plate or 1,000+ plates.

Q: When does the registration expire?

A: Maine trailer registrations always expire the last day of February of the expiration year.  In the Long Term Program, the first two numbers before the dash, is the year in which the plate will expire.

Q: Can I transfer my plate to my friend who just bought my trailer? 

A: No. That plate belongs to you.  Your friend will have to apply for their own plate. You may transfer your plate to another trailer of yours.  If there are at least 3 years remaining on it or you may also send it back and request a partial refund from the State.

Q: Can I transfer my plate to my new trailer and how do I do it?

A: Yes, you can. We will need to know the year, make, and empty weight of the new trailer as that determines if you need to title or not.  If it is already titled to you, then we just need a copy.  If it weighs 3,000 lbs. or less empty/unloaded, then we just need a copy of the title or certificate of origin.  We will also need a copy of the bill of sale.  If you bought it from an individual and are registering as an individual, then you must also pay 5.5% Maine sales tax unless you can prove you paid sales tax in your own state.

Q: How long can I renew for?

A: If you want to keep the same annual plate then you can renew for 1-2 years but if you choose to renew in the long term program you will need to receive an entirely new plate and will have to renew for at least 5 years if this is your first time in the long term program.